Microblading, or micropigmentation, is a tattoo process that delivers organic pigment into the epidermal layer and the first “reticular” dermal layer of the skin, using very fine needles. The treatment is semi-permanent because we all, eventually, shed our epidermal skin layers; leaving a faint trace of pigment in the reticular layer.

People shed their epidermal layers at different rates, meaning that fading of colour varies from person to person. The colour varies from person to person as well. The colour of the tattood area will be darker than expected until healed; which is about 5-7 days, when the colour fades by around 30% leaving lovely, soft, natural results.

The results can last for one year or more depending on your skin type.

Microblading Introductory Offer

Microblading + Free 6 week top-up

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Microblading 12 months top-up

12 moth top-up for your microblading treatment

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Consultation / Patch Test

Payable on the day, redeemable on the day of treatment.

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Please note

Wheelchair Friendly


- Patch test required 48hrs before any lash treatment

- Mascara must not be worn

Cancellation policy

Cancellation with over 24hrs notice

- no charge

Cancellation within 12-24hr of appointment

- 50% of treatment cost

Cancellation less than 12hrs before appointment

- 100% of treatment cost

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